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bullet omouswor1976
25 Oct : 13:48

Давайте поговорим.
bullet daystimmopg1982
29 Apr : 10:56

Где я могу найти больше информации по этому вопросу! Хорошо. Пресс-станок для обработки материалов давлением, кузнечно прессовое оборудование купить
bullet iskerto1975
08 Apr : 10:45

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bullet Forever Ashdene
10 Mar : 06:47
hows everbodies
bullet Lyne Mayflower
01 Mar : 07:46
Good morning, family. Is there anyway we can put when festival came on this page?
bullet Forever Ashdene
28 Feb : 13:02
if my familia not get my slx message cans someone please tells them i cant gets on ty
theres a area fought in my area
bullet Sonyaraye
23 Feb : 16:42
Hello fellow Lionhearts:)
bullet DesiNeddings
22 Feb : 16:43
Hey Lionhearts!!!!
bullet peaches marjeta
18 Feb : 08:17
Morning family.........I am really glad to see we are looking at the web page..............
bullet Thor
17 Feb : 20:58
Hey guys, so good to see so many of you that are using this website :-)

Tiny Empires - Lionhearts Events guidelines
Events Guidelines (in draft)
Events are organised by people in the Event Officer role. Every week or so they will take turns heading an effort to plan, organise, and run an *Official* Kingdom event.

Event Officers are assigned by me (upon nomination by their head of line), and represent each large downline in the Kingdom.

Event Officers should be mindful that we have hundreds of people in our Kingdom, and plan accordingly.

I, the King will provide Kingdom Level support, such as finding available sims to use, giving access to the Kingdom Fund, and any other support as needed.

Upon finalising the planning, the Head Event Officer at the time should notify the Kingdom via an official notice in "Thor's Royals".

All members of the Kingdom are welcome to put forward suggestions for events. Send them to me, King MajorThor Alderson, in a notecard. I am maintaining a list of possible event types, which I will give to the Head Event Officer at the time.

Unofficial events that any of you want to run are also welcome, but should not be posted as a notice. Use the Kingdom group chat to invite people to any event you are running, at any time.
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