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bullet omouswor1976
25 Oct : 13:48

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bullet daystimmopg1982
29 Apr : 10:56

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bullet iskerto1975
08 Apr : 10:45

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bullet Forever Ashdene
10 Mar : 06:47
hows everbodies
bullet Lyne Mayflower
01 Mar : 07:46
Good morning, family. Is there anyway we can put when festival came on this page?
bullet Forever Ashdene
28 Feb : 13:02
if my familia not get my slx message cans someone please tells them i cant gets on ty
theres a area fought in my area
bullet Sonyaraye
23 Feb : 16:42
Hello fellow Lionhearts:)
bullet DesiNeddings
22 Feb : 16:43
Hey Lionhearts!!!!
bullet peaches marjeta
18 Feb : 08:17
Morning family.........I am really glad to see we are looking at the web page..............
bullet Thor
17 Feb : 20:58
Hey guys, so good to see so many of you that are using this website :-)

Tiny Empires - Lionhearts Viceregal guidelines
Guidelines for Viceregals in the Kingdom of Lionhearts

As King, I have the ability to grant viceregal powers to certain eligible people within the kingdom. People with these powers are known as Viceroys (male) or Vicereines (female), from the Latin and French, meaning "in place of the King."

Viceregals have some of the powers of the monarchy, but they can only affect their direct downlines, people below them in the hierarchy.

In the Kingdom of Lionhearts I have decided to grant only the following power to the viceregals: To grant land tracts (bulk land purchases). They optionally have the power to give special titles too, but without the year of favour and the 5 acres, which is not much of a reward. That is why I limit the viceregals only to granting land tracts.

A Lionhearted Viceregal will be able to buy free acres for their downline in my absence. In addition, the existence of viceregals in a kingdom will make the land tract to be available more often for the whole kingdom too. It is a win-win situation.

I will be appointing viceregals as soon as they become eligible. They are required to be a direct subject of the King, and have 20,000 total and 1,000 personal acres, as well as near-completing the path to royalty.

I very much look forward to the improved teamwork and prosperity made possible.

Your King, MajorThor Alderson
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