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bullet omouswor1976
25 Oct : 13:48

Давайте поговорим.
bullet daystimmopg1982
29 Apr : 10:56

Где я могу найти больше информации по этому вопросу! Хорошо. Пресс-станок для обработки материалов давлением, кузнечно прессовое оборудование купить
bullet iskerto1975
08 Apr : 10:45

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bullet Forever Ashdene
10 Mar : 06:47
hows everbodies
bullet Lyne Mayflower
01 Mar : 07:46
Good morning, family. Is there anyway we can put when festival came on this page?
bullet Forever Ashdene
28 Feb : 13:02
if my familia not get my slx message cans someone please tells them i cant gets on ty
theres a area fought in my area
bullet Sonyaraye
23 Feb : 16:42
Hello fellow Lionhearts:)
bullet DesiNeddings
22 Feb : 16:43
Hey Lionhearts!!!!
bullet peaches marjeta
18 Feb : 08:17
Morning family.........I am really glad to see we are looking at the web page..............
bullet Thor
17 Feb : 20:58
Hey guys, so good to see so many of you that are using this website :-)

Tiny Empires - Lionhearts Recruiting policies
Policies for recruiting into the Kingdom of Lionhearts
These apply to any person, Wanderer to Prince/Princess, that is entering the Kingdom - by recruitment, HUD bribes or Emperor-assignment

* Do not recruit nor bribe from our allied kingdoms (see group charter) nor those deemed 'not to be recruited from'
* Any person with a sizeable downline (especially Prince/Princess) that is to join the Kingdom, will be consulted with the King, *before* joining. If the King is offline, contact the head of your Principality. (HUD bribes are an exception, but should be done ASAP)
* A Probationary Period of one real life week will apply, effective from the date of joining the Kingdom, after which the new person/s will be accepted whole-heartedly, under these terms:
- The new person/s needs to understand the policies of the Kingdom
- The new person/s will respect and follow the directions of their upline
and King
- The new person/s will attempt to participate in the Kingdom's activities,
be it TE-based, social, or otherwise (or at least just be nice and quiet :-))

Your King, MajorThor Alderson
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